Limited Run Clan Saber Craft #1: Mace-Fisto-Koth-Gallia-Gun Di


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Ever since I worked on the Geonobi for Saberbay (back in 2022) I had the itch of making some of the clan saber hilts from the prequels. So I worked on this for my self over the last 18 months or so. The project was to recreate something similar to what the prop masters did when the phantom menace (or the prequels) was made. Some way of making a lot of sabers using the same or similar parts and just mixing and matching them. The key here was to make the sabers as screen accurate as possible, with interchangeable parts and installable. So after many many days of research and development and thanks to this great community I am launching the Clan Saber Craft System.

This system consists in 4 major assemblies for each of the 4 main clan sabers (fisto, mundi, shaak ti, Plo).All will have an emitter section, switch section, grip and the pommel. Each saber can separate in to those 4 assemblies and have the same thread so you can interchange them. Some will have variants that will be made in different materials like Plo and Luminaras pommel (Alum vs brass), and some will require an extra coupler piece to connect, like Darth mauls centrer coupler.

The first hilt of the main clans will be a set of 4 variants:

1. Mace Windu / Kit Fisto
2. Eeth Koth / Adi Gallia
3. Ima-Gun Di
4. The clean fisto.

If you want to know more details of the development of these 4 hilts please read this Thread it has great input from a lot of great people that have helped with feedback on them.

1. Mace Windu / Kit Fisto: This hilt was featured in the Phantom Menace, It was clearly seen in the celebration scene at the end of the movie in Mace Windu's waist. It was later given to Kit Fisto and you can see it in may promo shots and in Attack of the clones and Revenge of the Sith.

These images are of the actual prop which was resin casted and weathered. (thanks to Teecrooz for some of the images)

This version will be recreated in Aluminum and will be media blasted to simulate the resin casted appearance. It will have real Needle roller bearings (although in the original prop they were casted as well) and real O-Rings. Weahtering will be available as an optional service.


2. Eeth Koth / Adi Gallia: This hilt seems to have been one of the masters but not seen on screen. It was shown in the Prop box that was presented to Ewan McGregor by the prop masters so he could choose his hilt for TPM. This hilt had a resin casted body but with metal parts and real roller bearings. It also features violet aerospace rivets similar to the Obi-Wan Hilt.

Here are some images of the prop:
1707411697263.jpgFisto.pngtpm box.jpg

This hilt will be made in aluminum with a media blasted body (only the parts that look tat way), The rest of the parts will be polished or sanded. It will use the same roller bearings and O-rings. Weathering will be available as an optional service.


3. Ima-Gun Di: This hilt is only seen in the clonewars animated series (S03E03), it belongs to General Ima-Gun Di. This hilt is obviosly in animated style but it matches the one used by kit fisto in the animated series as well, just with a brass or golden colored grip.

Images from the show
fistotcw02.jpgGundi.jpgIma-gun di lightsaber.jpg

There is a teaser video of another scene that wasnt on the episode where the hilt is the same but the brass colored parts are the emitter and pommel. But seems that its one of those continuity errors.

This hilt will not be media blasted and will have a brass grip and rivets. Same bearings and O-rings as above. Weathering will be available as an optional service.


4. The clean fisto: As the name says, this will be the DIY model, same construction as above but no media blasting. Includes the same bearings, o-rigngs, chrome rivets. Weathering will be available as an optional service.


The cost for each version is:

1. Mace Windu / Kit Fisto: $250
2. Eeth Koth / Adi Gallia: $250
3. Ima-Gun Di: $250
4. The clean fisto: $235

The plan is to make 100 units total

50 - koth / Gallia version
20 - Mace / Fisto Version
20 - Ima-Gun di version
10 - clean for diy

If the demand increases per version it will be updated accordingly. But at minimum 100 units will be made. I will be ordering one sample of each, and should recieve them in about 3 weeks. Production launches after they are cleared.

- All CSC hilts will come with a prequel style saber plug that has 2 caps, a static and a vented one.
- All CSC hilts will have a blade holder for 7/8" blades. In order to keep things accurate and compatible.
- A chassis design will be available from Aldhani Customs at launch and Instalation services will be offered like with the Youngling Protector and 5layer 0f c1ones projects.
- All CSC hilts can accept a 28mm speaker
- All CSC hilts will come with a Box designed by the amazing Christian Cruz
The next set on the CSC system will be the Plo-Luminara-Maul set, this one launches in May. Then the Shaak Ti-Barris set in July and lastly the Mundi in September. Once all of them are made, you will be able to buy just the sections you need to create any custom saber you can. If you'd like to see how this is going to look, please visit this link it is just a place holder at the moment and will be populated once each saber/part is realeased.

Sorry for the long message but I had to explain the whole plan so that you can decide if you want to join us in this Journey. I know there are many great clan hilts made but great people and companies. We just wanted to make something Accurate, be able to mix and match parts to create new hilts and to use new tech for installs and such.

Update 2/28: Pre-order link is live. It will be open until the pruduction is complete.

Please use this link for the Preorder or contact me via PM if you would like the standard paypal route we have used before.

Thanks for your support.
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Here are a few pictures of a 3d printed prototype.


Here is one of all of the CSC hilts, 3d printed for testing purposes.

Pre-order will open this wednesday. To make things simpler you will be able to pay directly on the website, but we will also accept paypal as with my previous projects.

I will be sharing this information between today and tomorrow.

Will you be able to post pictures of any of the finalized metal ones from the shop prior to ordering?
Will you be able to post pictures of any of the finalized metal ones from the shop prior to ordering?
Absolutely, prototypes will arrive in about 2 to 3 weeks. You can definetly wait till I post pics. The preorder will be open until production is finished. After that (should there be hilts left) they can be ordered but paid at full in one go.
Good morning everyone, the preorder is now open thru my website. This is for 50% of the total hilt cost. There are different qtys per model but I can always add more if needed. The prototypes have been ordered and should be completed in about 3 weeks. As soon as I get them they will be posted here.

Please use this link for the Preorder or contact me via PM if you would like the standard paypal route we have used before.

In about 2 hrs I will be posting some size comparison images of the 3d printed prototypes vs a Geonobi that were requested. Thanks
I don't see an option to add weathering, and do you have examples of what weathering would look like? Would it match the originals?

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