Cindy Morgan has died (Tron, Caddyshack, etc…)

Yea. Lots of actors not breaking 70 recently it seems.

I wonder if the late 80s drug and alcohol culture in Hollywood just tore up the tail end boomers at just a young enough age that it just took the back 20 off a lot of folks. Burning at both ends?

Either way. She was great addition to both of those films.
I got to meet her at MegaCon a few years ago. Got her autograph. It was back before Disney decided to cancel out Tron 3, and I had told her I enjoyed her performance in both the original film and the TRON 2.0 game, and I had hoped that whenever the third film came out, that Laura and Yori would be in it. This really hurts. Rest in peace, Ms. Morgan. :*(
WOW. RIP Cindy. I still see your pic everyday in my home office.


Cindy and Bruce, April 2023 at the opening of Tron: Lightcycle run at Walt Disney World


Cindy and Bruce discussion about their filmed (but deleted) "love" scene from the 1982 TRON...

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I hope Mr. Boxlietner's okay. I got a good sense that they were really good friends, even after years of appearing together in TRON and that short-lived adventure TV series Bring 'Em Back Alive.
Sad news, she was always great in the interviews I saw of her.

Caddyshack was famous for the Off set “Parties”

Yeah a lot of deaths in the 60’s age range, scary times
Todd Tuckey (TNT Amusements and Video Games - check out his channel for some hilarious vids)... posted his interview with Cindy from October 2023, where Cindy talks about filming Tron, and she got to play a Space Paranoids arcade cabinet replica! This would have been one her (if not THE) last interview. She died less than 3 months later from this appearance.


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