Bob Barker Has Died at 99

His life, like most celebrities, is not without controversy. On air he seemed like a nice person, well educated and able to handle a daily grind with taping back to back shows with professionalism along with having excellent social skills to handle even the most excited contestant. But there was some issues with Dian Parkinson and Holly Halstrom (Barker's Beauties) alleging sexual harassment and discrimination.

I didn't realize he was a vegetarian until reading his Wikipedia article.

When I came to Canada, as a new landed immigrant, I tried to immerse myself into my new home by watching a lot of T.V.; in French first, since it's my first language, and trying to learn English by watching the Price Is Right. As a European I couldn't believe the prices contestants could win on that showo_Oo_Oo_O "What do you mean? She won a CAR??!!" I'll never forget it...Thank you Bob;):(

That's interesting because I've heard of several celebrities who came to the U.S. and learned English by watching the Price is Right. The only one I can recall right now is Mila Kunis.
Here's the very FIRST episode of "(the new) Price is RIght" that Barker hosted, remastered at 1080p. I felt the 1970s nostalgia hit me with this one! This was back when there was MUCH less TV game show polish and hype.


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