cheapest casting material


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i am making a one off cast, i was going make the casting chamber with foam and pour liquid latex to make the mold wanted to know the cheapest product or idea to make it with. this will be a one off so i don't want litre's of product left im not going to use.

this is what i want to make so you have an idea of scale ( minus the letters ill make them from wood ) im in uk so a universal product would be great, many thanks in advance

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Darth Lars

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There are some old threads about using silicone caulk for mould making. Apparently it is dirt cheap but lasts only for a couple of moulds.

With liquid latex, make sure that your piece does not react with ammonia.


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Depends on the conditions you set up and use the molds :) My Slave Leia molds got a few cats out before it started going brittle- it was fine with epoxy resin but the urethane seemed to not be too great- but my Shae Vizla molds are still pretty bouncy and squishy.

With enough demolding agent you can even use plaster of paris if you are okay destroying the mold after.

And yeah a tube of caulking will easily do two pieces that size. But not be overkill.

I also used hot water and soap to cure my caulking silicone, not an additive like paint. It just seems to really help knock back the extreme sticky factor. But you do get up to your elbows in hot soapy water.

Edited to add: This is for molding material. What you want to cast the final product in may change what you use for the molds.