Cheap working screen for Aliens Motion Tracker


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Made a cheap work around for a functioning Tracker screen using an old camera. Everyone must have a few of these laying around!
Nikon Coolpix S6500 camera plus screen recording from a tracker simulation app. I recorded the phone screen with the camera to add the effect of an old time CRT look so it wasnt totally sharp and modified the camera to fit in the tracker display box. I made a box rather than use the Slide Viewer and copied the larger front edge version from the functioning CRT screen prop which gave some extra room to fit it in. A magnet attached lid allows access. I had a glass viewer lens already.

screen used CRT prop


3d printed button extensions to access the camera controls.

Dr Frankenstein would be proud. Camera stripped down and glued together open in a shape that fits perfectly in the box.
Electric shock parts covered up. It does give a jolt if you touch the wrong part!

How it works.. Hold Play button - Press OK button. This means lens doesnt open.

In action! Its nice and loud too! ... and yes i like the Nikon logo so left it there. Gives it like a real life branding!
Have 4 mins of video including no aliens and some aliens approaching so plenty of time to run it.

I had a hard time finding a screen to fit it in 3:4 ratio so this works perfect for me and cost nothing! (just an old camera I didnt use)
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