Limited Run Ceramic ‘Asian man’ from Blade Runner


If anybody drops out, or you end up being able to do any more after the 2nd run, please put me on the list. If not, and there is any "B-stock" or leftovers available, I'd be interested as well. Something is better than nothing :)

They look awesome, btw. (y)(y)(y)


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Off to the post office. May have to make more than one trip…



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Just received mine!
Thank you, David, for making this production run possible. You knocked it outta the park on this one! "Flawless" is the only word that's fitting for this piece. And I wish you all the success in all your future projects. You can count me in on those as well!


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Thanks everyone. So glad the parcels are starting to arrive. Do add a picture here when yours comes so we can all see the set in place among your BR displays.

Also, purchasers please all be aware that the 'blue-green' bubblewrap I have used is the bio-degradable type which, if you can't re-use it, can be put out with your regular plastic recycling and is even safe in landfill. I deliberately didn't put sticky tape on the wrapping. The cardboard box is also 75% recycled and should obviously be re-used if possible.
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