Limited Run Ceramic ‘Asian man’ from Blade Runner


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Update; Glaze colour test no.2

In glaze test no.1 I tried the 'Desert' glaze on bisque figures in one, two and three coat thickness. The best in my opinion was two coats so this time I haven't bothered with any more than two coats. The only criticism I had of this glaze was the ground is a little too pale and creamy so I ordered two more pots of pre-mixed glaze; Caramel and Brown Sugar.

For the new tests I started with one figure with two coats of Caramel, then one figure with two coats of Brown Sugar. Finally I decided to mix these new colours with the original creamy Desert glaze so I did a figure with one coat of Desert and one coat of Caramel then another with a coat of Desert covered by a coat of Brown Sugar;

2022-04-07 17.52.22.jpg

Well this has been a good day for deciding on the final glaze colour. I took the four new tests out of the kiln and this is the set I now have;

2022-04-08 14.41.13.jpg

I'm really happy with the colour on figure #5 (which is a combination of colours from figures one and three above). That's one coat of Brown Sugar over one coat of Desert. It picks up the detail well and has good contrast. Because it's a mixed glaze rather than a 'pure' one it has a crackle effect (a bit like raku pottery without the dark edges) but that just makes it look more vintage and I'm cool with that if you guys are.
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#5 is looking good, maybe a bit dark but its often very difficult to judge colors in photos. That being said the darker color is really bringing out the small details compared to the lighter color.


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How weird. I looked at this thread this morning to see if you had posted any updates thinking i had miss something. I didn't want to ask in case you thought i was pestering. Take it easy with the wrist;) Good luck with th figures(y)


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Well those came out ok;


Some more progress; I have sourced packing boxes of the right size & shape and a new roll of recyclable bubble wrap and even printed some COA type slips to go with each finished piece. Still a bit woozy but I will get the first batch photographed, wrapped up and invoiced to the waiting list in the next week or so.

2022-06-08 16.17.09.jpg
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