CC X-Wing Laser cannon slightly warped.

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Runner, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Just got a finished CC Xwing and I notice that one of the laser cannons is a bit bowed.

    Of course I already super glued the sucker on before I noticed this.

    Also, it is already painted and weathered.

    Is there any way I can straighten this out without ruining it or taking it off the wing for that matter?

    I am thinking about applying some heat (a hair dryer? would that be hot enough for resin) or even some quick passes with a hand held tourch. Am I just asking for a ruined paint job doing this?

    I know its a tall order but it bows in just enough to bother me but I don't want to ruin it by trying to pry it off the wing.

  2. Watson

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    This would work to soften the resin and the cannon inself has brass rod running all the way down the middle. So just heat it then bend then hold it to cool. Or if you have a hair dryer with different heat settings switch to cool and cool it off like that.

    I have done this several times with no ill effects even after painting. If it does mess it up, just cover it up with some weathering.

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    The torch is a BAD idea. Don't do it :thumbsdown

    The hair dryer might work. If you have to bend it too far the paint could chip, but that's a relatively easy fix. Warped resin is usually easy to correct with a pot of boiling water and a bowl ice water close by to shock it. Since the model has been completed that might be tough to do
  4. Runner

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    Cool. Thanks guys.

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