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I have started my next project. A CC X-Wing. It isn’t the best of castings, I am going to need to put in some work I think. Never done a garage kit, so we will see how it goes.

I am starting on the wings. There was quite a bit of miscast on the tailing edge. Using small scribing chisels I was able to got everything out with minimal damage, though there are a few repairs I will need to make. I have the 8Rad parts that go in the channel and I thought I had some 1.5mm rod, but I don’t.

The U-Channel on the wings also has several miscast errors. So I ordered some new U-Channel along with the rod.

As far as the rest goes, I am just cleaning up parts and identifying areas that need addressed. I am not going for a super accurate build here, mostly out of the box. I will add a few missing details to the inner wing engine bays, but other than that, it will be straight forward.

The plan is to paint this up as Blue Leader from Rogue One.


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So work continues. I am flip-flipping on what model I am going to paint this up as.

With all the work I am doing to correct things I have decided to build/paint this as Red5. I have to say I am not happy with the poor cast quality.

It was pointed out to me that although this model uses the original Captain Cardboard masters, this particular casting was not done by Scott as the masters are now in someone else’s hands.

Much of the detail on the wings will need sanded off. Luckily between digital files and kind modeled, I will be able to use these wings as a base and add the detail needed.

I have the wings on hold at the moment as I have to pick up some 3M Spot Putty for filling some panel lines. Then I need to figure out how I am going to remove the defective areas on the wings so I can add the cast/3D printed parts I have been collected.

The canopy is fitting better now, shout out to Dysst on the recommendation of the Tamyia putty!

I have managed to print out a few of the needed parts for a Red5 conversion.

If anyone has any pointers on what fuselage details need to be added or removed, I am all ears. The few photos of Red5 have helped, but some of the panel lining I am second guessing on.


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