Casey Jones Fan Film

I wish casey jones didn't look like he weighed 160 pounds. And what the hell did this bums do to deserve a beating?
And what the hell did this bums do to deserve a beating?
Watch the movie, you will have the answer to that ;).

It is not a great fan film, but it was damn good effort and a unique spin by focusing on one of the secondary characters from a franchise. Also lot of cool nods to the other characters from the TMNT universe, fans will surely dig it if they stick through it.
Nah, I liked Elias Koteas from TMNT, this Casey is like The Punisher or something... I like the more symathic character...

But the Turtles costume was very nice and I liked the pizza Boxes... :lol
April O'Neil = :love

All in all not bad but I agree that this Casey is a little scawny for such a bad a** character. A lot of WTF moments but it was entertaining...
I could see a Casey Jones movie working if it had the right people involved. It would have to be pretty violent and edgy though - a far departure from what we have seen in the TMNT movies.
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