C2E2 Chicago


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I shall be there on Saturday at the least. Look for a Spiderman 3 Venom that will be me!


Michael Bergeron

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:lol Now I will definitely have to go.:)


We'll see when the guest list comes out. This may be sacrilege to say in a thread started by Larry Young but I'm not into the comic scene (as much as I do appreciate the art form).

I would come to meet Larry (of course) as well as hopefully a bunch of you fine folks. If there are a few guests who don't make it up to Canada often that might be just enough icing on the cake to warrant coming!


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Thinking about going on a Saturday. I just despise the drive to McCormick Place even if it's just 45 minutes for me. The guest list is amazing and there's been a big rumor that Stan Lee will be making an appearance there.


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im thinking bout going-- Train in from Geneva, taxi to McCormick no driving or parking. Wonder if they will let me on the train carrying Mjolnir or Thunderstrike????
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