Buzz Lightyear Wings (Help!)


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So I’m working on a buzz Lightyear cosplay. I figured the first thing to tackle would be making the wings works. I want them to swivel out and extend like in the movie. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it work with springs, instead of having to do any electronic work. But I keep running into bumps and it poses to be very difficult. If anyone could help or has any idea, that would be amazing!! Thanks!


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The problem with manual is, springs will make it go one way, but then you have to manually return it to starting position. The stronger the springs, the more brisk the popping out, the more steady in that position, but then the harder to retract.

A linear actuator is electrical. Some folks also have make wings open and close with air pressure.

1)Cost 2)ease-of-use 3)time *PICK TWO*

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