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  1. Ironstar

    Iron man Mark 85 for Halloween. First build

    So me and a few close friends have always had a theme for Halloween, this year we are heading as the avengers. Has been very short notice and have only ever dabbled in EVA foam and cosplay but never anything as big as a full suit. So any help and advice is always welcome building the whole suit...
  2. M

    The Infinity Soldier: Ironman Sleek Style Undersuit

    Hello everyone. After a long time studying and seeing all the great creations on this site, I'm planning out a couple of my own. The first being an undersuit that resembles the RDJ Ironman 3 under armor. Some combination of the two photos I've attached. Was thinking of getting a similar looking...
  3. Poot Poster

    Hall of helmets

    I start this project by 3D print file by But for all details Handmade work ( 80% Handmade) Inner details design by myself Made of resin and fiberglass
  4. FSURobbie

    Iron Man Mk. 1 Arc Reactor Build

    Hi folks! So I haven't posted in awhile and wanted to share my results with a prop I've wanted to build for over a decade now. It's one that's been done ad nauseam, so my apologies, but I love how it turned out. Back when Iron Man first came out I fell in love with the Mk. 1 arc reactor...
  5. Thaxton12

    Ironman Test armor

    Description: This is a somewhat replica but of Tony Stark’s Test armor worn by RDJ in Ironman ( 2008 ). Completely handmade. It isn’t completely screen accurate, but it is functional. What I mean by that is, it has a working flamethrower. A small gas line attached to the users back via...
  6. DaBuild

    New Puppy to the collection: Ironman Mark1 steel Helmet!

    Here's my new addition to my collection. Ironman mark1 3.8 kg of steel! Really can't imagine how Tony would have handle a full suit ;)
  7. xl97

    Iron Man HUD project (idea gathering) now w/video example

    ok.. so for a LONG time.. I have off and on looked at ways to make an Iron Man HUD/eco-system.. before.. the hardware was lacking.... but it has the support I have needed. I just had a pretty major break through on all the communication parts... and am now looking to get some feedback on...
  8. Akilo101

    Best material for Iron Man Helmet

    Hey all, I am looking to try my hand at creating another Iron Man helmet, but want to make it as realistic as possible. The main methods I am looking at are -3D printing -Pepakura I also plan to make a mold and then cast the final helmet before I start to add electronics and such If you have...
  9. F

    Any successfull method to seal chrome paint? (IronMan mk48 faceplate)

    Hi guys I'm finishing my mark48 faceplate with chrome paint but I know that even when it's dry you'll end up by cover the surface with fingerprints when you grab it. even tho it will be an exposition piece in my room I'll have to touch it cause i'm planning to build all the internals, leds...
  10. smilerbaker

    Iron Patriot Build - 3d Print

    So having a mk3 war machine under my belt I decided a new project was in order :) something a bit more colourful as the last 2 big builds I've done have been grey, so I've gone for do3d's iron patriot. Initial impression - Do3d's files are pretty detailed, as part of the package you also get...
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  18. Infested Ironman Build

    Infested Ironman Build

    Going out to Atlantic City in my costume for the first time.
  19. Stealth Iron Man by Mizuno Hadouken - Halloween Contest 2012 Entry

    Stealth Iron Man by Mizuno Hadouken - Halloween Contest 2012 Entry

    Photo by Nicole Ciaramella, Marvel booth SDCC2012 and video of the suit... Contest and Build Threads

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