Buzz Lightyear "Retractable Wings?"


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I'll be building a Buzz Lightyear space armor this year for Halloween. I've seen so many amazing suits that I finally feel a novice like me may be able to follow in you artists footsteps...

I feel I NEED the wings to fling out and am bouncing around a few ideas based on the Toy Story Collection Buzz figure I have. I'm just curious how some of you have done it... if you have.

I'll be posting progress as I brainstorm the best way for me to achieve this effect but I'm no engineer and would love to hear ANYONES two cents on the matter... Thanks!


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I had an idea while looking at your thread and came up with this as a basic mock-up. I forgot to include in said mock up that the extending parts of the wings would be on drawer slides to ensure smooth action. I sort of got the idea from someones hidden blade videos on Youtube. Anyway, here's the image:


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I think that the cheapest and best way to do this is to brainstorm what common household or other devices exist that you could use to provide the spring/latch combo that these wings would use. Check out HD or lowes for devices like this. I do this ALL the time. You need something with a spring built in that you can latch shut when you want to. After that, the wing fabrication would be the easiest part.



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Man this is going to of luck. buzz is a great character but he challenged me to death. cant wait to see what you do.


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So two years in a row I've put off finishing this. With "Half-O-Ween" just passed, Im determined to make this happen this year. I've made quite a bit of progress with alot of the suit leaving me plenty of time to focus on making these wings work... more to come soon.



So far that looks really good. Looks like you got a nice even shiny coat of paint. Are you going for any kind of clear dome?


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I have same problem / proyect.
This is the design of the wings, they intersect inside the back jet.

But that is resolved by phasing and overlapping the two wings.
I still can not figure out how to make the system of pulleys or ropes to unfold the wings

Alas Buzz.png
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