Bust / prosthetic questions


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I'm in the process of making my own silicone mask / bust and I've got a few questions please.

For a mask is there any special tip for getting the eyes and lips to stay naturally in the right place? Eyes I'd guess are just glued down but I've read about cupping methods for lips... how do they work? Are they may glued aswell?

What's the best silicone to cast it out off :) Jordu's Tarkin... anything that man does is just amazing. The skin quality is just perfect. Anyone know what he users? I'd also appreciate any advice on what color to base dye your silicone.

What paints do people recommend? Airbrush seems to be the logical application method but what makes / brands etc... I'd love some tips.

For a silicone bust, how do people keep the bust in shape post cast? Do they just rely on the thickness of the silicone to keep its shape or roto some resin inside for example?

This is my first time, so much fun! Nearly finished the sculpture and can't stop thinking /planning ahead.

Many Thanks
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