Burning Material for Burning Corpse Scene


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Never burned any props before. What would be a super cheap material to burn but slowly burn for multiple takes? It's for a no budget short. I was thinking poly foam impregnated/coated in wax or lamp oil.
How well does latex burn?
How stupid is it to burn poly foam?
Thankfully this shoot takes place outside on location-rural area.


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I guess this will need some experimentation. All the materials you mention are pretty flammable. I would also add contact glue (rubber cement?) to the list, this one can burn like hell, specially if not dry, it´s very flammable too. Latex burns well, in a dripping manner.
And I don´t think adding lamp oil or others should be needed, as polyfoam burns out easily in my experience. Unless you needed it to go fast, I´d say it will act as an accelerator.
But all in all if you are looking for a specific "burning tempo" you might have to play around with different choices till you get what you need. Is it a human like prop?, close up?.
Sorry, not of much help I think.


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"is it a human like prop?"
Sorry, missed you already said it´s a corpse in the title.


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Isopropyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol or something similar? Please don't burn latex or polyfoam! Those fumes are going to be toxic! Make the corpse from something NOT flammable so you can control the burning as only the stuff your using on top of it, will burn.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY; BE SAFE! No movie is worth risking your health!


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"AND MOST IMPORTANTLY; BE SAFE! No movie is worth risking your health!"

That´s true and worth saying.


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Likely a little late but for future reference, pig fat, pig skin and pig parts is what weve always used for instances like this. Depending on the amount of burn or melting camera is after keep various fuels and accelerators on hand. Hair spray, lamp oil, cooking canisters, model glue... everything has its own flammable action and reaction. Do some basic tests so when the time comes to roll you know what to use but keep in mind tests performed inside a closed area or even backyard will vary to real world results on location in an outdoor environment or inside a modern climate controlled studio.