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burlap jacket1.jpg burlap jacket2.jpg
This is the FvJ burlap jacket for Jason cosplay.


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You could also try melting it with flame to keep it from unraveling, it will wick together and also create some weathering and aging effects. I've been doing that with my Jason builds, don't use burlap, too hard to find but I have been using canvas.


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thanks for posting that link!
What they are talking about is the edges...from cutting the material and then sewing it..etc etc...
what i'm looking for is controlled cuts. I want it to be damaged/weathered/distressed to a point and then stopped from going further and falling apart..if that makes
would the modge podge spray still work ya think? i dont see why it wouldnt.


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I would probably try some liquid latex. It's pretty strong so it'll hold the fibers together but also be really flexible and is basically burlap-colored when dry so you won't have to worry about seeing it. Plus you can thin it a bit if you need it to soak in more.



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I would second the recommendation of fray check. It's specifically designed for this application. You can also run a zigzag stitch close along the edge of your tears and cuts to prevent them spreading beyond the areas you want them to be.

Fray check is best used by making the cut first, then applying the fray-check, then letting the garment sit undisturbed so the fray check can dry for at least 30 minutes.

I would recommend using the zig zag stitch and the fray check if you're looking for very long term durability. If you just use the fray check you may need to reapply it after 30 wearings or so depending on your level of activity in the garment and how frequently you wash it.
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