freddy vs jason

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  1. bradtdkrises

    monster boots for Jason

    Has anyone used the monster boots by funtasma? And how are they? and how are the sizes? I wanted to use them for Jason Voorhees cosplay....I have a pair of gotham 100 for batman and those work great...just wondering about the monster boots...thanks!
  2. bradtdkrises

    Freddy Krueger cosplay for my 14yr old son

    My son decided to do a Freddy to go with my Jason at cons, halloween, etc etc... Here are some pics of the build. The mask is latex made by Donnie Drumm but painted by me. The sweater is a goodwill find and painted stripes. The glove is a Halloween glove we had..but modified to a leather glove...
  3. bradtdkrises

    Question about color palette for Freddy mask

    I'll be painting a Freddy mask for the first time and was wondering if there were any tutorials? or suggestions on the color palette? I've seen some pictures where he is more browns...and some with more red in the burns...and some look kind of a pink any help would be great! Thanks!
  4. bradtdkrises

    feedback on a new weathering technique

    I'm trying something new for weathering on a FvJ jacket...this is scrap burlap, and the color seems to run together in this pic (its more greenish in person) but I'm going for a moldy, dirty, grime look....this is my first try.. Am I going in the right direction? and I'm open to suggestions too...
  5. M

    Information on Freddy vs Jason glove

    Does anyone know what leather glove was used to create the original screen used glove? I cant seem to find any information on it. Was it a "one off" or is it a commercially available? Any help anyone could provide would be greatley appreciated! Thanks
  6. T

    Silicone Mask Help

    Hello RPF. I'm 16 (I know my profile says I'm like 30 or something but I was just worried that I wouldn't be able to post or anything if I said I was 13 when I made this account) and I love the Nightmare on Elm Street series. So I really want to make a realistic Freddy Krueger cosplay thing...
  7. bradtdkrises

    burlap jacket

    how would you keep burlap from unraveling at the distress/weathering? spray adhesive maybe?
  8. bradtdkrises

    Jason 2009 remake hock

    Derek Mears, who played Jason in 2009 is coming to a con in Oct. I wanted to have him sign a hockey mask that I painted. Does my mask look good enough to get it signed? Even though its a "china hock"? Thanks!
  9. bradtdkrises

    Friday the 13th Jason display and hockey mask

    Part 7 display and hockey mask that I painted. Just wondering how they look! Feel free to ask any questions you may have !
  10. bradtdkrises

    question on bloody machete

    I have a Jason Voorhees cosplay/costume..I want to add blood to the machete, but I have a question. I'm using perma-blood on a real machete. I did duct tape it for safty reasons and then added paint to look like rust and, I'm thinking the blood should be smeared from "Jason" shoving it...
  11. bradtdkrises

    Friday the 13th Jason

    Hey...just wondering how I did painting these masks Leave feed back please!
  12. bradtdkrises

    acrylic sealer/fixative on latex mask

    I've read that Acrylic medium can be used as Perma wet....I cant find medium in my town, but I did find Plaid clear acrylic sealer in a spray can. Could I use this on a latex mask I just painted? Thanks!
  13. bradtdkrises

    Friday the 13th Freddy vs Jason hockey mask

    This is another Freddy v Jason hockey mask I just finished...any thoughts?
  14. bradtdkrises

    Friday the 13thpart 4 Jason hood and hockey mask

    This is a Hockey mask and hood I made for a friend. The hood was actually made by Donnie Drumm, I painted it and made the ax cut. Let me know what ya think!
  15. bradtdkrises

    Jason or Batman?

    There's a comic expo near me in the summer that me and the kids really like going to. Last fall I went in Jason cosplay. I'm thinking I may do that this summer...but worried it'll be hot with 3 shirts and a jacket..and I do have 2 Batsuits..but the latex one is hot every part of...
  16. bradtdkrises

    Friday the 13th Jason hood and hockey mask

    I was wondering if you guys would help me? I paint hockey masks based on Jason Voorhees for sale. Now, I'd like to offer latex hoods for display with the hocks. I just can't decide on which version to paint first. I think the hood would be good for part 3, 4, 5, 2009 Remake, or Freddy vs Jason...
  17. bradtdkrises

    Latex mask painting

    I'm new to painting latex and had a question. Can you use latex house paint as a base? Or should I just go with liquid latex mixed with paint? Thank you!
  18. bradtdkrises

    Jason Voorhees costume

    I'm working on a Jason costume from FvJ for cosplay and Halloween. I just wanted to post pics and get some feed back from you guys! So far, I bought a very cheap blue tshirt, I'm using a grey sweatshirt I got for christmas (that I'll never wear), and a pair of black sweat pants. I'ts hard to...
  19. bradtdkrises

    are these Jason hockey masks good enough to sell?

    I'm not able to post these on the junk yard...but was wondering if the paint jobs were good enough to sell. let me know what ya think..good or bad... Thanks!
  20. bradtdkrises

    Jason hockey mask..Freddy vs Jason

    Just a quick question...I'm looking to make a Jason costume for cosplay and Halloween. I'm just not sure the best way of making the slashes in the hockey mask from Freddy's have an idea but I dunno if im just not looking at it right? or not outside the box enough? any ideas??
  21. mvmagic

    Freddy VS Jason glove

    Here's my latest prop. Freddy VS Jason glove with screen-accurate leather glove, penny-thick copper and mirror-polished steel blades. This baby completes my Elm Street collection, which consists of 3 gloves. Its a bit on the heady side, so no stand just yet but its in the works. It was made by...
  22. suckface

    Freddy vs jason finger blade dispaly

    picked this up recently. Used in the film Freddy vs Jason, It's from the Propstore London.

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