Building a Skyfall PPKS Build From a Cast Resin of the Original 3D Print


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Hello! I posted this a while back in the thread "007's new "skyfall" PPKS".

I had received from a SFX friend in the UK, this nifty little piece.


It was given to me with the clip cut off and I had no idea what exactly it was except for knowing it was a PPK from Skyfall. He didn't tell me much else about it and I thought maybe because it was a 'gun' he wanted to get rid of it as we were in the UK and I, as an American, could put it to use, lol. I have no idea really but he would often hand me castings of various stuff that make there way through these circles of industry professionals.

I was informed by the knowledgeable people here that after they 3-D printed some, a few unauthorized resin castings were made and maybe this is one of those or a different gen casting from those. Who knows!?

I was told to not show the opposite side of that picture above as it was a good identifier for legitimacy as the opposite side was not really publicly shown in any real capacity so I opted to leave it at that and trust the pros here.

I had also contacted the various well-known auction houses and even listed it here for sale I think, but no one wanted it. I contacted Regal Robot to see if they could build it for me with LED's and they weren't interested. I spoke to some professionals on here as well but they weren't interested.

I even thought I would try to send it to Adam Savage and see if he wanted it for a build project.

So it sat in drawer for the last couple of years.

I occasionally like to look these things up to see if any new info on this piece was out there and saw this Julian's Auction listing:


Thank god for the included DVD or that final realized price may never have happened. :p

But within that listing were an abundant series of pictures, including a detailed look at the opposite side! So I was no longer concerned about keeping it a secret! And I was now determined to actually build the ******* thing. So today I started this simple journey.

I glued the clip back on with Gorilla Black Two Part Epoxy:


It ain't perfect but with some careful filing and sanding, I can get it into good shape.

The plan after that, is to definitely add the red dab of paint to the static safety button.

But before that, I'm thinking a coat of paint. Anybody have a good idea of a version of paint to match the defintiely not glossy look of the original?

And I also was thinking of adding the glass looking less to the back. Non-functional as I don't want to do that or should I just leave the original rounded fake lights? Maybe paint them?

I'm also thinking of leaving the 3-D printed bridging on the trigger as an homage to its origins? Thoughts? Opinions?

Any advice is welcome. And thanks for joining me in this little easy build journey.
Very cool prop to own! Its a tough spot but if it were me, I would mold & cast a copy. That way you could keep the original and go hog wild with the copy with zero guilt!

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