Build a Lego R2-D2 Cubedude

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For those not aware, Lego had a few exclusive sets at SDCC and Celebration V. They were sets called Cubedudes.
Images of the sets can be seen here...

and here...

The pieces to these sets are pretty simple. You may have most of the pieces already.

You can find building instructions on line such as sites like:

If you need pieces, you can go to and buy the piece or pieces you need. I went through the entire site and bought pieces for the R2-D2. I scanned the order document in case you want to do the same...

The pieces for one figure will run between $8-$9 plus shipping. Once you establish the set, you can then go to the checkout and select a quantity of 1 or more in case you have a family member or friend you want to buy a duplicate set for. The scanned document is just pieces for one R2-D2.
Anyhow, I hope some of you find this info useful. Enjoy!
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