Buck Rogers Thunderfighter SS Blueprints

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by wizardofflight, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. wizardofflight

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  2. star-art

    star-art Sr Member

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    Incredible... You should be selling those. That was a lot of hard work. Great job..
  3. jvasilatos

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    Nice blueprints.

    Some Trivia-

    Did you know the design for the Buck Rogers starfighter was originally meant to be used for the Battlestar Galactica Vipers but the design was scrapped and resurrected when Buck Rogers went into production?

  4. TK1536

    TK1536 Sr Member

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    Wow. that's fantastic. That's one of my all-time favorite space ship designs.
  5. boatbuilder1

    boatbuilder1 Well-Known Member

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    cool very cool now I can add one more project to my already impossible things to do before death
  6. Rocketeer390

    Rocketeer390 Well-Known Member

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    Fantastic job on those blueprints, and real nice of you to share. I love that ship.
  7. cobywan

    cobywan Sr Member

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    If you had a Paypal donation link I would put some money into it.
  8. Galactifan

    Galactifan Sr Member

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    Biddie, biddie, biddie...Nice work.
  9. wizardofflight

    wizardofflight Well-Known Member

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    Thank you cobywan.. Talk about an offer you can't refuse. My paypal is wizardofflight@hotmail.com any donation would be greatly appreciated.

    The next phase for these drawings will include detailed drawings of the individual parts, section cuts of the hull and cockpit drawings, if anyone is interested in that level of detail please let me know. Might get me moving on it again.

    An other project that is in the works is a set of blueprints for the new Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider. They are nearly finished, the organic shapes are tough to capture, but not impossible.


  10. cobywan

    cobywan Sr Member

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  11. jah5150

    jah5150 Active Member

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    I'd love to have the cross-sections and cockpit detail. Bring it on.

    Question: I have a copy of the cad files for your Enterprise drawings (amazing btw), are you making the cad files available for the Thunder Fighter, too?

  12. spcglider@aol.com

    spcglider@aol.com Sr Member

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    Those are really great blueprints. I wish I was in a position to start on a Thunderfighter... but I'm all about galactica these days. Excellent work though..



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