BTTF Time Circuits


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Finally got around to printing and painting up some BTTF Time Circuits - a lifelong goal for my collection. Desperately awaiting Valor's Flux Capacitor from Factory Entertainment... Printed with PETG on a Prusa Mini and electronics/STL from a kit found online. Painted in acrylic and chrome for the aluminium effect.

I need a better solution to mount it though so will have a go at building some sort of stand that would do it justice. It's a bugger to sit on the shelf - clearly as it's designed to fit a Delorean and I haven't got one of those yet!! Any ideas welcome!

Looks awesome! I have a kit I've been wanting to build but the keypad enclosure STL that came with it is not great... All kinds of surface errors.
Could you share where you got this file? All the others I've seen are missing the logo.

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