BTTF Hoverboard Lenticular


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So Sommars obviously have their clear lenticular, and presumably won’t be selling the pink one again (if they ever did?) any time soon.

So what are peoples solutions?

Pink card sandwiched between the lenticular and the board? Painting the underside? I saw someone used pink highlighter pens to colour it in (I don’t think I’ll be doing that….)

Any assistance and examples would be greatly appreciated, cheers!
I still have some pink lenticular left from past projects. I don’t think I can get these anymore. Send me a message if you need any for your own hoverboard project. With this particular material you wouldn’t have to worry about sandwiching them or coloring them in any way. Just add 3M adhesive sheet to the back of lenticular and adhere.

Excellent start!

A lot of work already went into that wooden board as is. …and yet, your still at the beginning of your journey. ;).

All joking aside, take your time with this project. I promise you the end result will be worth it. Although it can be meticulous, try not to get wrapped up in the small details. (Trust me!). Just have your references in hand as a guide and have fun with it.

Keep up the good work!
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Thank you! yes its a time consuming progress but a lot of fun! And that is the most important ;). The next thing i will work on are the mags and battery box.

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