BTTF Flux Capacitor Wall Light

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My home office could use a little more light. Rather than go the traditional route I thought I’d do something “Heavy”.

A couple of raw sketches and dimensions (this will be bigger than the actual prop).

Mock-up on foamboard.

Decided to paint the mock-up to see if I liked the look and size.

I like the painting enough to
1) Go forward with the plan
2) Display the painting somewhere

Next step is to start building the “guts”.
I am super invested in this build, keep it going. Looking forward to seeing the result and amount of light this gives off. Maybe in the future you can run a PDF how-to off for others, this would be a really fun addition for fans.
This is very cool. I'm not a HUGE BttF fan but I'd like having something in this price range.
Thanks. A lot of this is foamboard that I already have. Bought plastic test tubes and 1/2” plexiglass. I think overall cost is about $40 with lots of left over supplies.

Cut and wet sanded the plexi spacers.
Not 100% complete, but the flux capacitor is really close.

Need to add the rear mounting bracket, pipes to the top and bottom, and the wall power supply. Future enhancement will be to add an Adurino to control the lights and add the pulsing sequence.

Really happy with how it’s come out. It’s about twice the size of the movie prop and generates good light. Think it will work well as a wall light in my office.
For those who are thinking of making their own, attaching files for the warning and Torr Laboratories labels.


  • Torr Lagoratories, Inc. Relay Labels.pdf
    70.7 KB · Views: 79
  • Warning Labels.pdf
    886.2 KB · Views: 52

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