Factory Entertainment Back to the Future flux capacitor SE


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Wow. This just dropped

They have a LE vs. the SE which is a little cheaper
Yeah. I have to admit, it is tempting.
As amazing-looking as it is, I'll likely opt to set aside $1200 (+taxes) instead.
There's been a media surge of more potential lockdowns in the Fall that has me worried.

Whoever gets it: it's a great prop to have!!
I bought the special edition. It will look nice next to my Hot Toys 1/6 DeLorean . I was kind of fence about getting the Christopher Lloyd autograph, but if I'm spending that much to begin with, why not. The guy signs so much stuff though, I doubt it will add $300 of value to it.
Some asked to see what one of mine (Bruce Coulombe) Flux Capacitor looks like. This is it!

This photo is from 2015. We also made the version with the black and yellow elbow on top, a Christopher Lloyd autographed plaque inside and A wireless key fob to activate our audio and visual FX.
We started making Flux Capacitors back in 2003 and stopped making ours to the public in 2020.

This E Factory version is a nice replica. I prefer the control features to be on wireless key fob , not mounted to the side of the unit. Congrats to the person who's design was contracted by E Factory.


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