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This project got stocked for a while now, as I am not able to get the final info.! Sry guys..

MurdocXXL said:
- According to Adams drawing the compartment where the books are stored is 7 5/8" (about 19,38cm) width.
- According to Adams pics of his 6 books, they about about 6 1/2" (about 16,5cm) width.

Due to that measurements Adams books should not fill the compartment completely.

I'll be back to my box this weekend. Ping me if you don't hear from me via dm and I'll double check the dimensions of my box and the books in them. It's probably I screwed up a measurement somewhere.

I will try to contact him again. I will keep you informed!
Oh man, these books are nice! I work in a natural history museum with a library full of books of various ages, and your's really look the part!

And I'm just a tad envious....
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Not meaning to "Necro-Post" but I think anyone looking to recreate an older looking book would benefit from this text. I'm sure I won't do it justice in my description but this text REALLY covers everything you would need to know to recreate/make your very own "antique" looking volume. The only limit's here would be your own imagination.
Cheer's all!
BookBindingBook .jpg
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