Books from Broom's Box WIP and discussions thread - Hellboy

Thanks for your Feedback Taz.. :) Realy appreciated.

The binding is still confusing me, as it won't match the screenshots, showing Abe opening on of the books. Will post, some scetches I've done
and said screenshot later today.
Yapp... I am very thankful too ;) Adam is realy great... I had a lot of questions and he has been always kind enough to answere them.

So here are my scetches as advised earlier today. Hope they make sense to you all... I am definitely no book-binding expert, so i might be wrong here,
but thats what I expect as a result, binding the blocks with the "stitching methode" posted by Adam above. Or what I believe does not correspond to
what we see on Screen (ok, still possible that the one book we see opened has been bound different :unsure )

Any thoughts....??
Check out the Noble House Secret Book thread in this forum, for a method to make the book open like you want.
Treeman... thanks for your input and support.

Basicly it's not the problem how to get it bound in the way to open corretly / or the way shown in above screenshot.
It is the case, that the binding methode descibed by asavage will lead to different a result (in my opinion).

Before I get the next set of books startet and finished I wanted to verify the binding methode.
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Sorry to necro, how are you going with this MurdocXXL? I've just read this and Adams thread, dude, what a ride! Awesome work from you both!
As promised a while ago.. here some pics of the actual Progress on the second (test) set of my Hellboy books!

Next step will be to round the blocks, then get he covers done.
There still seems to be some space "left" in the compartment but I will see how much, as soon as the book-covers are done!

Thanks for your Feedback Stefan :)

First book of the 2nd set is in the press, backed and glued up to dry as I type.
Will post pics of that step, with the 2nd, 3rd.. book of the set ;)

Fingers crossed that all will work out nice.
Awesome work

I'd love to try and bind a book myself (fot this prop) but no idea how to start with that.
Any links to usefull info or could you send me a half finished book (to reverse engineer)?
Hi dhunpael... thanks for your Feedback! If your are interessted in the art of book-binding I recommand to search as much as possible online (Google is your friend ;) ).
There are tons of informations out there. Try to start with simple bindings and train your skills and knowledge, increase your tool-box while your skills get better.
Try to get your hands on cheap, old and broken books on flea-market to take them appart and repair the bindings. You get them for a small money. In Addition there are
some DVDs /series from great and experienced bookbinders (will sent you some links later on by PN),

The books are backed / blocks rounded meanwhile. Preparing the leather covers now. As promised here some pics of the work done so far.

Shapping the rounding of the book forhead:

Place the backing boards and get them on the press:

Rounding the spine:

Final shape of the spine:

And as they are righ now.. in the box:

Finally found some time to do the covers. Before doing them, the leather has been cut, thinned out and pre-colored.
Then glued up

and first put on the spine to define the false bands...

After that, the book boards have been covered and the "case" finished.
Stored in the box, that's how they actualy look..

The new set now completely fills the compartment.

The leather used was not the best choice, I had to find out. It is very brittle / soft, so it was quit hard to realy get the covers into
a crisp shape.

I am also not quite sure about the real sizes (thickness) of the books. I know that both sets I've made are about 2cm to short in
hight and depth (as they had to fit my box). But the new set does not match the proportions compared with the pics of the
originals postet by Adam.

- According to Adams drawing the compartment where the books are stored is 7 5/8" (about 19,38cm) width.
- According to Adams pics of his 6 books, they about about 6 1/2" (about 16,5cm) width.

Due to that measurements Adams books should not fill the compartment completely.

Any ideas / thoughts what's the right way to go?

Nevertheless, I will got to finish that set ;)

best regards
I'll be back to my box this weekend. Ping me if you don't hear from me via dm and I'll double check the dimensions of my box and the books in them. It's probably I screwed up a measurement somewhere.
Hey Stefan,

first of all... sorry for the late reply and many thanks for your Feedback :D

Here are some pics of the covers and blooks finally colored and aged. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Still missing the Feedback from Adam about some measurement questions.
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