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As promised some time ago - over at "asavage" thread related the "Broom's Box" ('s+Box), here are some details, thoughts and WIP - pics from my replicas of the set of 6 books which will go to fill my own replica of "Broom's Box".

Without the thread about the Box itself, started by "asavage", this thread here, would - by 99 % - not exist. So many thanks Adam for get the
the ball rolling and all the others over there to keep it rolling.

Looking forward to get other opinions and thoughts, so feel free to spare your ideas and/or knowledge about those books.

What i basicly did, as we all do replicating a prop, seen in a movie we like, was starting collecting screenshots, excisting pics of available private collections and or ebay listings poping up from time to time. Due to Adams existing thead about the box this was quit easy, as a lot (all?) of info. can already be found there.

One of the existing pics, which I took as a guide was directly posted by Adam S.:

This pic (and others) had been the basis for all the research until last week, until Adam thanksfully posted very detailed and close up pics of his books.
So some of the info. below, seems to "outdated" now, but they are not wrong (or meanwhile confirmed), I would like to start with them!

The following 2 files shows some basic informations I gathered together :
Symbols and ruman no. count.

Symbols and measurments

The measurements are a bit tricky, as those are going to fit my box and not necessarily being mentioned to be screen accurat and/or fitting into Adams Box.

As well I already found mistake in my calculation of the block meaures. As the book blocks ar going to be rounded, the block measurement has to concider
the increase of the block weight due to the rounded spine.

In generell we do have:

- 6 books
- bound in leather (my guess is goat-skin)
- case-binding with hollow spine
- pages are plain, off white (sand-cream) colored, withou any structur (such as a laid paper would show)
- book blooks bound in signatures (4 leafs each Signatur, folded, making 8 leafs or 16 pages per Signature (my guess, not confirmed)
- How many signatures you need to receive the requested thickniss of the book block depends on the paper weight
- blocks are rounded

So these are the first "rough" info. enabling me to bind the first books for testing....

(below the blocks is the colored leather)

Being all for the moment, more to come as soon as I bound the first book into. the cover.

Looking forward to receive your feedback and coments...


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Looking great! If you are willing to make extra sets for sale, please count me in (my poor box is limping along with 7 "close, but no cigar" books right now!)

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thanks for the comments ahoudini and Stefan :)

Managed to get the leather prepared today! Cut and pared the leather for the 3 books, as well get the weat-paste
mixed. For this particulare binding i will got to use a mix of weat paste (traditional) and modern bookbinding glue.

Pretty closed before we see a covered book :)


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Great work so far. What weight paper did you use for the books? Are you planning any weathering to the pages?

I saw that you obtained leather embossing tools for the spines - it does look as though Adam's screen-used books have either a painted gold or gold leaf symbols, in contrast to the embossed roman numerals. Have you experimented with your leather to see if you can produce a weathered or aged appearance to the embossing?



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Hi airhead, thanks for your feedback!

I've used a paper weight of 100gr, mainly because that's what I had on stock (as I use this quit often). As far as I know from Adam, the Original
ones had something between standard copy paper and 100gr.

The gold tooling can be easily weathered. That's not a big deal and a common thing if it come to "book-repair" to blend the new/repaired
parts with the original areas.

As far as I see on the pics posted by Adam, the roman numbers had been tooled, whereas the symbols had been "painted on".
I will go to tool both of them.... got the tools before Adam posted the pics.

Edit: Will not go to age the pages on these books. Just get the block edges aged, to match the pics from Adam.


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So here is what I did today. Unfortunately I had no chance to take pics in during the covering process (maybe the next time).

The leather is colored with Fiebings leather dye - Color "English Bridle" which i simply love out of the box (not because of this
particular binding). So here the pics.. hope you like them. Personaly I am realy, realy happy so far :)

They will stay in the press till tomorrow and the covers dryed out completely!

Looking forward to receive your comments / Feedback suggestions to improve.

EDIT: Upps.... just mentioned that the books in the last pic are upside down... sorry :(
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Thanks for your comments... Pascal Kurosawa, ahoudini and airhead

I think the colors are not 100% correct, It might need to going be a little more dark-red/brownish. But it depends on which
pics your compare them. If you look the "rainmakers" pics, it looks more a like "orange". The best way to check this, would be
if Adam could name an "process pantone color" no.. That would enable us to see the color in "real". Otherwise there are too many
influence on what we see on our screens (camera, camera settings, flash used/not used, pics are taken by daylight/or not, screen settings etc.).
I will ask Adam if he can help out on this.
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Found some time yesterday to tool the spines of the first books.

Enclosed pics is taken directly after the tooling. Lower symbols are looking a bit to wide... and need to be "reworked" during the aging process.
But better to have some more material which can be taken off, than having to less ;)

Will go to do the other 3 books now and age them all together to have a similar appearance.


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Thanks for your Feedback ahoudini :) and sorry, that it has been quit here for such a Long time. But I was working on a bookbinding-tool ;)
It's a flexible, moveable table including an laying-press which can be shifted to be used as a stock press as well...
It's still not finished, but already did used it, to get my set of the books finished!

Here are some pics of the "press-table"...

And here are the missing 3 books in my sewing frame...

More pics of the lying press and blocks will follow, as soon as I started to round the book-blocks...
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Thanks for your feedback guys :)

Next pics does show more of the book-replicas themself. Blocks are taken out of the sewing frame and spine is glued up to be rounded
under the hammer. So more pics during that process.

Thanks for following this thread :D


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Basing on my test-books and the pics from asavage over here's+Box I did some calculation on how much sheets of paper are required to to a complete set,
or better what would be the correct count of Signatures bound to a block for each individual book.

Here is what my calculation brought up:

Book Signatures aprox size of spine inkl. Cover
1212,85 cm
212 1,50 cm
3243,20 cm
4152,00 cm
5192,50 cm
6243,20 cm

1 Signature is made up with 4 sheets, 100gr. paper >> = 115 Signature in total = 460 sheets of paper.
Total weidht = 15,25 cm according to this calculation
Total weight = 6,4 inches or 16,25 cm according to Adams pics.

I will contact Adam again, to see of I can get more infos about that point and to check if he can confirm if the books are sewn on cord
or bands... Hope to be back soon with that info. :)