Books from Broom's Box WIP and discussions thread - Hellboy

Well... whish I had an excuse for the lag of update..:$ But it is just a lot of stress (in "real-life-business") leading to an absence of motivation!

Thanks for the kick in the... ahoudini ;)

Had some time this weekend, so i managed to work on the latest 3 books. So they are now glued and cutted and the boards and spine including false bands added...
waiting to be covered in leather :D The leather is colored and cutted to shape. Next to be done.. sharpen the leather and get the books together.

So the end is getting closer I would say ;)

... the way... my new press was a great help to round the blocks and cut them. So things are much easier now :D
Unfortunately I missed to make some pics, working with the press.... (sry).
Damn you real life, why do you get in the way so often?

looking forward to seeing the finished books in your box. one of the best projects on the site at the moment. keep up the great work.
My eyes went buggy when I saw your marvelous bookbinding setup! :eek What a gorgeous collection of gilding tools you have also. WOW! That is 'A' number '1' in MY book (pun intended)

Oh, what I wouldn't give to have all of that, and the skill that you obviously have to work up your own beautiful books!
Thanks for your positiv Feedback :D Much appriciated!

PotionMistress: my equipment has grown over the last couple of years. Wherever possible I've tried to build my own tools (such as the presss shown above),
but If you are checking "TheBAY", from time to time, you might have luck to get you hands on reasonable used equipement. Most of my sales on any replicas
done, well be used to get more bookbinding stuff.

Covers are tooled now :D Hope to get some pics taken this evening, before they get the final touch-ups (aging) later this week.
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As promised earlier today, here's the pic of my set of Hellboy books :D

Will have to do some additional pics at daylight. Its hard to get get the real color in the pics. Anyhow they will get a touch up
respecting the color and aging.

Still waiting to get Adams reply about some details. Anyhow that how the first "shot" looks.
Any advises how to improve?
the books look great. i don't want to nit pick but why is there so much space in the box? shouldn't the six books fill up the space?
No need to be worried about being nit picking breen2057. Your question is fully understandable. Actually there shouldn't be a gap of that size, that's right.
2 things which could be wrong... size (width) of the books or size (width) of the space in box :unsure (or both together, at the same time)

I will have to wait for Adams reply to learn some (more) details on the books.
Thanks ahoudini :D

Got the colored and book-edges (pre-)aged yesterday. So here's how they actualy Looks! Hope you like them ;)

I'll bet the look amazing in person - they look beautiful here! Great leatherwork and craftsmanship on the textblock. The bands really came out nice! Something to be proud of!
Okay here's the info I tried to DM. astitching.jpg
This is the last detail about how the signatures are joined together.
For the record, here's the info about each of the books and the signatures:

Signatures are all 6 pages, that is three double spread sheets folded in half. Each book has an extra pair of pages at the end papers. That's why if you multiply each number of signatures by 6 you'll end up 2 pages short for each book. The end paper is glued up to about 3/8" onto the first signature. The signatures are all joined together as a complete group with 10 stitches of 2 threads each about a half an inch back from the binding. Stitches are visible only if you spread the pages wide, and are equidistantly spaced. Let me know if any of that isn't clear.

Book 1 98pp (including endpapers)
In 16 signatures of 6 pages each

Book 2 38 pp (including endpapers)
6 signatures of 6 pages each

Book 3 122pp (including endpapers)
20 signatures of 6 pages each

Book 4 58pp (including endpapers)
8 signatures of 6 pages each

Book 5
80pp (including endpapers)
13 signatures of 6 pages each

Book 6 122pp (including endpapers)
20 signatures of 6 pages each

Paper is a heavyweight paper. Quite rough too. Quite close to construction paper.

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Thanks a'lot Adam :thumbsup ... will check the stitching in details tomorrow. For now it looks like a kind of "japanese binding" :unsure
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