Boba Fett - The Twelve Parsec Stare, a fan film from Finland

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Fett was a BAMF in ESB and ROJ, his head was on a swivel in ESB, he was the first on the draw when Leia pulled out the thermal detonator, and he trapped a Jedi. Of course someone manning the skiff gun ruined his chance, then a bit of bad luck with blind Han


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The pack had a huge gash in it before Han hit it.
In ROTJ: Special Edition, the additional Fett scenes (where he is flirting with the singers in Jabba's palace), the Jet-pack also has the gash.


Either the gash was supposed to be there in the Jet-pack, from previous damage (i.e. they retconned the damage in 1997 to match the 1983 film), or Don Bies "accidentally" picked up the damaged stunt jet-pack at the archive when assembling the costume for the new Fett footage (circa 1997).

Actually, I asked Bies about this years ago here on TheRPF. He wore the Fett costume for those new scenes, and told us that he had a limited time (over a lunch break, I believe) to gather the costume together from the archive and get to the set for filming.


Freeze frame of the gash as Fett walks away from the girls. See the Jet-pack damage?
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I like the Eastwood spaghetti western reference as Fett was intended to be.

This one seemed more like a reference directly from "Once upon a time in the west" with Charles Bronson and Henry Fonda.....even the Harmonica throughout and the beginning arrival by train...of some sort. Well done...and the Boba Costume was stellar!

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Haven't seen the movie.

My main reference was that Fett was intended d to be like Eastwood with the poncho and spurs (sound put in post)
And the G,B,U, music from the droid. :D


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Excellent job!

The card player with the dreadlocks and the stripe marks on his face reminded me quite a bit of Quinlan Vos - especially when the blue Twilek girl walked out at the end, looking a lot like Aayla Secura.

And yeah, I really liked the droid, and then the Western version of the Imperial March at the end.

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The card player with the dreadlocks and the stripe marks on his face reminded me quite a bit of Quinlan Vos
I wondered first if that was supposed to be Quinlan Vos.. but Vos wouldn't go down like a punk. ;)
It is probably clan tattoo from the same culture that Quinlan Vos was raised in.