boba fett Ralph Macquarie concept

Yea definitely will be doing this one just started working on Vader along with my flame trooper helmet be doing both at same time.after I'm done with Vader ill be doing concept storm troopers.


Based on these ones I have now I am soooooo excited.

The four RMQ I have mentioned made by you would be insane awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't updated in while here been busy working on other projects but i got chance now to start working on my new upgraded mcquarrie fett helmet this one going to be bigger than my previous sculpt. 20160910_223556.jpg
Small update been working little by little on new helmet sculp plus some new gear to go with it I'll be going all out on this im making the armor jetpack gauntlets etc.about 80% of the costume except soft parts that will come later on.20160917_172328.jpg]


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nice is it the same physical size as the first generation? or is it larger this time around?

looks great!!
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