Blade Runner SUSHI BAR + SLICE OF LIFE making of


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As someone who had done some short films before, I must congratulate you and your team of friends for an excellent job.
The SFX is crazy good, the sets and the costumes + the overall look of the original BR is achieved in your movie. The story is interesting also and reminds me of Elysium: to go and leave Earth to live Off-World in a better environment. Pro-Job all the way(y)(y)(y):notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:


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I've watched it twice and I'm totally amazed! Pro job all the way around from the visual effects, costumes, score and sound fx! You really captured the feel of the original Blade Runner!


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Oh man! So it's finally ready!? You guys did it!

The film was amazing! I knew going in that the miniatures were going to be awesome but whoah! They look stunning!

I enjoyed the plot too. I was thinking, that as with most "hobby films" the plot wasn't going to be the main point, but it actually felt like a cohent story. In the making of you discussed about the personal missing from the story. It's great you revisited the script and made it work!

Thank you for sharing the whole process with us here Luka and team!

So what's in store for you guys now? Surely getting a feature funded after this is going to be a breeze!


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So what's in store for you guys now? Surely getting a feature funded after this is going to be a breeze!

HA! We are planning a feature film - that's the dream at least. Working on the script and concept art now. We took some elements of Slice but expended on it a lot; new story, new characters, etc. (And even more miniatures of course :lol:)

But we have no idea if we'll get the funding at this point. This time we'd like to do it with pro actors and in a "normal" time frame - and that costs money. But, we are definitely stubborn as you can tell and we'll give it our best! ;)
Glad you liked the short Ville! Thanks!!!!


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Outstanding in every way, and worth the wait. I'm impressed by EVERYTHING.

I'm also impressed by how you managed to release so much behind-the-scenes material before the actual finished film, yet you managed to keep the plot and details almost completely secret. Well done.

Excellent work on the short film. Your model and VFX work is better than most Hollywood films. Good luck with your feature plans.


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Okay, I just got around to watching the film. I am SO glad that I decided to back you guys on Kickstarter. The extra behind the scenes content is great!

And the film itself is amazing! I know you don't consider this a fanfilm, and most fanfilms that I've seen can tend to be a bit cheesy, but I NEVER once thought that while I was watching this. I was completely sucked into the story, into the plight of the main character. You have such strong visuals in this film that it's okay that there's hardly any dialogue. Really liked the sound and music, too. I felt like it fit right into the Blade Runner universe.

You guys knocked this one out of the park. Kudos for staying focused through all the years of building sets and filming miniatures, and VERY well done with the editing. Just based on watching the BTS stuff, it seems that this story could have gone many different ways. You guys did a great job of shepherding the story in a way that felt more genuine to the main character. You feel his angst at the end of the film.

Congratulations, LukaFilm !



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I just saw the most recent post about how great the film was, had no idea it was ready for general public viewing. Just finished watching it, so well done!! Congrats to all involved. Can't imagine how difficult it was to put together, but I did follow along on the web site.


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You guys need to be really proud of this. I would be. For something you guys made on your own in a garage, this was phenomenal.

I don't need to say how great of a job you pulled off the effects, that's a given, what needs to be praised the most is its use. More than 2049 and all its money, this short had a setting that feels big, dirty, and soul-crushing. And moreover, it was extremely clever that your "dialogue" was in the form of the advertisements; that went such a long way in creating the mood and the arc for your character.

I'm more than impressed. Well done. Genuinely, well done.

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