Blade Runner Inspired Office Build: Deckard's Apartment

haha I appreciate it. Nowhere near done yet, but making progress!
The last wall of tile has been by far the hardest. Almost every tile needs to be cut to go into a corner, around a wall outlet, around the door frames and light switches. Cutting those thick rubber tiles has been torture to my miter saw!

I have 13 more tiles to cut and hang and the hard part is DONE!
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Whew!! I just finished hanging the last of the tiles! That was the biggest and most nerve-racking part of the project I think. Hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on.
Excuse the mess, I didn't clean up before snapping the photos.




And some comparison shots from the 3D mockups.


Next up is to finish cleaning up and installing the frosted acrylic into the 7 tiles that will cover the downlights. These 7 tiles will be mounted with 3M Dual-Lock (heavy duty plastic Velcro) so they can be removeable in case I need to replace any lights.


Next up is THIS GUY!

Deckard has two of these three-tier pedestal things in his apartment; one on either side of the entryway to the kitchen.
You can barely see the other one in the film, but this one gets a good 10 second pan shot.

There are what appears to be some kind of Asian-inspired pieces on top of each one. The one on the right looks like a tablet. The one on the left looks like a fan or semi-circle. The left pedestal also has a manila envelope propped up on its edge and some papers (police reports?) laying haphazardly on the middle shelf, alongside a wooden carving of a rhinoceros. The bottom shelf is empty, and there's a wicker footstool on the floor directly in front of it. (I'm not going to be replicating the foot stool)

Both appear to be made the same way as they're both glossy black, very reflective, and have the same base on the center bottom to hold them up. I have NO IDEA what these things are. I don't think they've ever been identified. I thought maybe they were Japanese lacquer table screens but I was never able to find anything similar so I gave up and decided to replicate it. They also appear more modern so maybe some kind of vase or sculpture? If anyone has any ideas I'd LOVE to hear them!
Anyway, since you only really get a good look at this one, and because I only have room for one, I'm going with just the one with the fan shaped piece.

From this shot, based on Harrison's known height, and based on the known dimensions of the tiles I estimated the height and width of the pedestal, then scaled everything off of that. (you can see it on the left)
Screen Shot 08-21-22 at 05.09 PM.PNG

When scaling the images for measurements, you can clearly see the piece on top of the pedestal is a perfect half circle with a half sphere as the base

a quick 3d Model to confirm the dimensions and proportions.
Screen Shot 12-17-22 at 06.38 PM.PNG

I then sent the measurements to hdtheater who cranked out the cut path for the pedestal on his GINORMOUS CNC table router. He knocked it out lightning fast. I was blown away by how quickly it came together and how cleanly it was built. Thanks again Eric, it's absolutely perfect!

He even cleaned up the edges and slapped on a coat of primer for me! What service!!

Eric also cut the semi circle for the fan piece out of 1/2" black acrylic on his router.
Then it was just a matter of printing the half-sphere base.

I printed a half sphere with a 1/2" cut out of the center, sanded and painted

Finally, I sanded and flame polished the edge of the black acrylic and glued the pieces together!

I think it turned out pretty well and definitely looks the part! I'm tempted to go dig my wooden rhino out of storage just to get a quick photo.

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Started painting yesterday! started with a coat of primer so the paint would stick better to the plastic tiles. Let it dry overnight and spraying the base coat today.
Choosing the right color proved quite difficult. It's hard to match based on the fact that the film is so dark, post-production color correction, and because the tiles are so heavily weathered. With the dim, warm lighting the color of the tiles changes pretty drastically from scene to scene.
I wanted to get the correct base color so that when I weather the gaps and details of the ennis tiles, the result won't be too dark. So I had to start lighter than what would seem obvious. In the film, the ceiling is a shade or two lighter so I'm doing that also.
Here's what I ended up going with (darker color for the walls/tiles, lighter color for the ceiling), trusting that when I go in to darken the texture and details, that it'll balance out and look close. I'm a bit nervous, but I've done this enough times that I think I can make it work.

Again, it doesn't look like much yet as it's just white primer, but here we go!


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