Black Series Helmets - whats next after Boba Fett

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I wonder if the visor cutout could be rounded off, or if the visor has a stupid lip like on the BS TK helmet.
I intend to get one to mess with. The stuff I do to it would radically alter the chin and visor area, so I feel perfectly free to experiment beforehand. I'll definitely be posting full breakdown of it, as I have for other HBS lids. Worst case, I figure the reshaping will be minor enough that if the portion of the lens that extends past the opening is anything like the Boba Fett or Stormtrooper, that'll be plenty to allow for reshaping of the opening without leaving gaps. If there is a ridge, I know it can be sanded off and the lens re-polished smooth, then probably overlaid with a little window tint to darken it that much further.


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I finally broke down and ordered the Bo-Katan helmet a few days ago. I got a $50 gift card for Amazon, and they dropped it to right under $100, so effectively got it for $50 out of pocket.

Can’t wait to open it and see if the graphic was applied straight on the helmet. My first Boba Fett helmet was aligned terribly, and I had to return it. Hopefully, I have better luck with this one!

Got one for my niece for Christmas. You will like it.


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The Bo-Katan helmet is on sale now on UK Amazon. It's a steal at £54! I just added some extra weathering to mine


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Earmarked, too and a preorder once my usual source has it open even though i already got a RS one. black series helmets are useful when you need one for a office joke or similar since they are a bit more robust.


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This looks phenomenal!! Will definitely be ordering 2. One to weather up a bit and one to paint as Ezra's yellow and orange one from Rebels. That's going to be a blast to paint.
I wouldnt be surprised if they make Ezra's helmet, especially given the Ahsoka series coming up.


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I love comparisons, so whipped these up real quick using the widely considered most accurate helmet offered by RS Prop Masters as a comparison to the BS. I think after looking at this, IMO, BS knocked it out of the park again like they did their stormtrooper. Its of course not perfect, but its so darn good. So odd how they drop the ball with Vader being so weirdly proportioned, Boba was too cleaned up, but some are just amazing.

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