Bishop of Battle


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Having nearly finished the Star Trek Sim, I had hoped to turn my attention back to an older unfinished project, "The Bishop of Battle." This is the evil arcade game featured in John Sargent's 1983 Nightmares. I have some software resources on but have had little success with help on the physical arcade cabinet. The visual effects guy was George Muhs (who obviously has more leviathan projects to his credit). I have tried to locate contact info for him simply to ask about the artwork on the cabinet, whether it was a repurposed design of the time (looks Stern to me), and about the electronics. The gun in it is a Mattel Lasertronic BSG toy (I have several in box) and the switches seem easily duplicated (or close enough for me) with modern LED square momentary switches.

Any thoughts?


Some links:
Review with a number of screen caps:
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