Betrayal & Hatred (Baylan and Shin Lightsabers)


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One of my favorite things from Star Wars are Lightsabers and ever since the Ahsoka series trailers came out I wanted to make the Baylan and Shin lightsabers. I am very thankfull for the folks that shared pics of the hero props displayed in SDCC here: Four Sabers

Unfortunately the displayed sabers had some not clearly seen parts like the bottom of the pommels so I had to wait till the show came out. Till now 4 episodes have aired and I have been able to fine tune the models and complete the pommels. I teamed up with Shane (Saberbay) to be able to bring these to life but we both agreed not to rush these until we have figured out all of the details.

Skoll and Hati are names of wolves from Nordic mythology and they mean Betrayal and Hatred. Skoll chases the sun and Hati the moon.

So it made sense that the hilts would be named after them. So here are Betrayal and Hatred
Betrayal & Hatred03.jpg



These have got to be my favorite sabers from the Disney Era. Thanks for watching and once these go in to production you should be able to get them from the Saberbay website.

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