Best way to make a master?

I am currently trying to sculpt, and subsequently cast a sword handguard (see picture), I was going to sculpt it from wax and do a lost wax pewter cast of it. I also toyed with the idea of doing a lost foam cast from brass or aluminum. The problem is, I dont want to sculpt it and then destroy my sculpt if the pour doesn't come out ok. So what should I sculpt it out of, and what should I mold it out of ? I thought about making something with fimo clay, baking it and using it for sand casting, or maybe I should make a resin master? Too much information and I'm not sure which way to go. Any help would be appreciated.
You could make the master out of epoxy putty, mold it, cast it in wax for the lost wax metal, and still have your epoxy master.
How ever you sculpt it, it won't take much silicone RTV to mold a hand guard. With a decent mold, you can cast in wax or metalized resin, and make as many hand guards as you like.
I'm not big on sculpey, I personally use Aves Fixit Sculpt. It is a two part clay that cures really tough. It's about the consistency of plastalina/oil based clay. You can smooth it out with water as you are working, and it sands up really nice too. It has a four hour working time, so it'd be best to sculpt in sections that way it doesn't harden up before you are done.
Well, I think I will sculpt it from either clay or milliput, I may even make a metal armature and build that up, I think I will build a latex mold, I would prefer silicone but i dont have any way to vacuum it. I'm also still trying to figure out how to orient the piece for the mold, it has a lot of empty space which has me kind of stumped. Not sure If I should cut the voids out afterwards, but I'd rather not. Thanks for all the suggestions so far, sorry for my green-ness. I have worked with fiberglass and metal but never done any plastic molding before.
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