Begins sculpture completed


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Looks awesome. I must say I just looked at your site and I was very impressed with teh bat sculpts. Oh and the Pam too :D


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Could you please explain the process of creating a mold of your sculpt and casting the final armor? PLEASE :)



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Much thanks all. I'm just getting started on all of this. Haven't really scratched the surface of where this will go yet.

The Mantis

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Looks like doody.

You know, doody the artist.....who does super cool stuff with incredible quality.

I saw this thread this morning and I am glad I finally got around to looking at this.....blows my mind how great it looks.


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thanks all for the great comps.

am going to have all my accounts on every chat board suspended. i.e. I spend too much time surfing the net, and am not making the progress on this stuff I should be making. So I'm going to ask the mods here to block my access to this board for a month, or till I get caught up. Then when I come back, I'll have some serious pictures. See ya'll in a month or so.