Battlestar Galactica Mugs Research Thread


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I am looking to make an original series mug Does anyone have a screen cap of these? I think I have found a good source of the mug, I recall there being a thread here with some good caps and recorces but I could not find it. I am remember the mug itself to be a flat pewter, i think I know where a good replica of the mug can be found, I just need a good shot of the eagle on it.

Another interesting question would be if the Galactica had the eagle design on theirs, would the Pegasas have a diffrent one on their mugs?

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Don't know.
I haven't seen the show since it originally aired back in 79. :confused

Chris Pappas would probably know.
He posts over on ASAP.
Not sure if he posts here on not.

Here is his web site.

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So what would the Battlestar Pegasus's mugs look like?
If there was a scene in the Officer's Club on the Pegasus, they either had the same design on the mugs or the mugs were blanks (we saw blanks on board the Galactica too) or they didn't show them at all.

Basically, it comes down to "there were no Pagasus-specific mugs shown".

In the scene where Commander Cain is toasting the crew, he's using a completely different mug. It's taller and thinner with a rounded bottom that goes down into a ogeed base.