Battlestar Galactica (2004) Season 1 Colonial Pistol


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I was tapped to build a Battlestar Galactica Colonial Pistol for a Halloween costume. I much prefer the season 1 version that was based on the Smith & Wesson Model 686 revolver and I was given leeway to pick the version, so that's the one that I went with. I whipped up a vector for this and printed it out to get the party started.

I made the center layer out of 3/8" foam PVC and each layer outward out of 1/8" foam PVC.

The grenade launcher bit was made separately and attached later.

As the pieces were attached to the main part they were shaped with a Dremel.

With all of the pieces attached and roughly shaped, it's time to start sanding and filling to get this puppy mold ready!
The version you made is based on the colt python, which if I'm not mistaken is not screen used, it's Matsuo's build. But IMFDB is wrong all the time. The trigger and trigger guard are the giveaway. Those are not a smith 686 I'm afraid.

Impressive scratch build non the less though!! Love scratch builds.
what! :eek Please please please tell us you have the templates some where. I've been trying to put together an armory full of these guns, but it can get costly...

This is just amazing! I applaud your fine work good sir!
That is fraking amazing!seems every time I come here I learn something new.and materials new to me.thanks for the post. that's a great build.
Thanks for all of the great feedback! For a template I just used a side view image of the gun from imfdb. I also nabbed a bunch of front and 3/4 views from screen grabs of the show. Using those and some guesswork, I was able to come up with a good estimate of the thickness.

I smoothed out all of the seams and edges with Bondo and Magic Scupt. The gun got a good priming, sanding, and more priming. Now it's getting wet sanded so that it'll be ready for mold making!
I have one of Matsuo's newer clamshell blasters, and I gotta say that this in an incredible build. I'm truly amazed what you got out of foamboard and a dremel, not to mention the great coloring job.

Beautiful work!


I've always loved this gun so of course I had to get Matsuo's build when I found one available a few years ago. Your's look like a great representation of the gun. You should be proud. :thumbsup
I should be able to pour as many extras of this as necessary if there is interest! =) I'll let you know how the mold comes out when it's done.
I think it's fantastic.I would be interested.shoot I would be interested in the original were the different layers created to cut the foam by?any special software .or sketched out by hand.
@Sean: The layers were cut from 1/8" and 3/8 foam PVC with a scroll saw and exacto knife. I also used a power drill and disc/belt bench sander.

I started pulling plastic resin casts out of the mold!

Here is one of the pulls after the first round of paint.
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