Bandai 1/72 Y-Wing Attack Starfighter (with lights)


Hi all!

It´s been a while since my last post here.
Recently i´ve been working on a Y-Wing.
I´m not doing any screen accurate model, just having some fun :)
The goal is to get the engines, cockpit and droid lit up.
Here are some progress shots.
Let me know what you think.

I tried using some masking fluid for chipping. I think the chips turned out a bit to big, and the dark undercoat make it a bit non dynamic.

IMG_4818_jpg.JPG IMG_4819_jpg.JPG IMG_4820_jpg.JPG


Meet R2-RGB ☺️

My initial plan for the droid, was to pull fiber optics from the head to one of the led’s im using for the cockpit. Since this would mean som work I went with a different approach.
I put an RGB led strait inside his head, and put in three small strings of FO to light him up.
9BF2CF43-DB92-44B1-81E9-E0419A7FA2DA.jpeg B115F007-B294-4D10-96BE-4E7D16125CFC.jpeg
Here he is test fitted
2C34FA47-0AD4-420A-9A80-784066EDB36E.jpeg 264988F5-18CD-4BEB-B74A-009F0F3CD10C.jpeg

And fully painted.
With ligts on:

3F177B0F-1C97-4C2E-8F5B-64B1321FD20E.jpeg D996C419-CF5D-4A27-846B-31820CD28B33.jpeg
Here is the light on the back of his head.
I must say I’m really pleased with this little guy ☺️
350B3F96-5C04-40FE-8738-8ED4B56E3BC9.jpeg 9DCBF9D7-4301-40EA-A085-75F88D970DBE.jpeg
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