1. hoosleberg

    Scratchbuilt 1/36 Y-Wing expanded universe variant

    I wanted to build a y-wing at a pretty big scale but not quite studio scale so 1/36 it was. 1/35 would probably be a more conventional modeling scale but I was using the Bandai 1/144 y-wing to measure off of and multiplying everything by 4 made for easier numbers to work with. I'll be...
  2. DexJay

    My (Dex) Y-Wing Helmet 2021 Build

    Hi all, I've not posted here in some time, well years actually. Been busy with other non prop stuff. A good few over at TheDentedHelmet and a couple here I think have bought my kits some years back. 9 years! Wow, has it been that long? Yeah looks like it! Frank was the 1st person to get one of...
  3. Jack2155

    3D modeled Low Altitude Death Star Tiles with Bandai slots

    I've been modeling these tiles for a while now, and thought I'd share some wip. I've basically divided the basic tiles by 4 and resized them to the same scale as the Bandai tiles. (3' x 3"), and added the slots and plugs for the vehicle models. The tiles are based off reference photos from...
  4. StevenBills

    Limited Run 1/48 Y-Wing Kit (SLA resin printed)

    Hello everyone! Happy Star Wars day! :D This thread will be used to keep track of the initial run for this 1/48 resin Y-Wing kit that I am offering. This is the Chris Bibby CG model that has been modified (with his blessing) to be more accurate. First off, I'd like to thank Hagoth for sculpting...
  5. Bergquist

    Bandai 1/72 Y-Wing Attack Starfighter (with lights)

    Hi all! It´s been a while since my last post here. Recently i´ve been working on a Y-Wing. I´m not doing any screen accurate model, just having some fun :) The goal is to get the engines, cockpit and droid lit up. Here are some progress shots. Let me know what you think. I tried using some...
  6. gruner

    Bandai Y-Wing part B2-23

    I'm wondering if anyone who built a Bandai Y-Wing in landing position would sell me their landing gear covering piece. I lost mine, I should have glued it.
  7. marvin

    Studio SCALE ROTJ Y-Wing - IDs

    Hi All, A friend has been working hars to ID the smaller ROTJ Y-Wing model to replicate. He has managed to find many, but still a number of parts remain elusive. If anyone has any ideas that would be great!