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  1. gruner

    Bandai Y-Wing part B2-23

    I'm wondering if anyone who built a Bandai Y-Wing in landing position would sell me their landing gear covering piece. I lost mine, I should have glued it.
  2. jusdrewit

    City of Jedha and Star Destroyer diorama

    Was really inspired by a few of these threads so here is my version, it's pretty much finished although I might tinker with the rock color more down the road. Maybe one day I'll go back and add lights to the SD too. The City of Jedha kit was from the awesome JPG Productions and the SD is the...
  3. Demigod

    Bandai Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon 1/72

    „I love you!“ „I know.“ Even if rarely more romantic words were spoken we all know that Han Solo’s true love was the Millennium Falcon. No, not Chewie (just a bro). Indeed, it was the Falcon. As with the Bandai kit there is a definitive Falcon out there, it’s time for me to build that thing...
  4. J

    Looking for obscure Millennium Falcon 5 footer references photos

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking for photos of the 5 footer's bottom port side rear quadrant, opposite the quadrant with the big gash/hole. Believe it or not, this area is very poorly represented in the available reference photos. I have all the images from the reference links from NKG's amazing...
  5. korben44

    Bandai 1/72 A-Wing mini diorama

    I made this mini-diorama to match the one I did for my B-Wing with landing gear. Once it's all done, I'll post a picture of both of them together. I'm also going to do one for a Y-Wing and an X-Wing... Might as well get the whole gang together!
  6. DFC Props

    Bandai Millennium Falcon 006 Scale Kit Build

    Hello! Thought I'd share my work on the smallest version of the Millennium Falcon that Bandai offers. I made a video of the build process (includes lots of silliness) and posted pictures on my Instagram page (Dane Crandall (@prop_rocks) • Instagram photos and videos). Let me know what you...
  7. COlson

    Bandai X-Wing 1/48 scale Heavily modded

    This is my Bandai 1/48 scale X-Wing starfighter. I have heavily modified this kit with additional electronics and a custom base. The torpedo firing and and wing functions are all that were kept from the original kit. I added full cockpit lighting with targeting computer lighting, engine...
  8. korben44

    Bandai Death Star 2 1/2700000 by Korben44

    here's my interpretation of Bandai's nifty little kit:
  9. R

    Another 1/12 Bandai K-2SO

    I'm starting my build of K-2SO, and the first thing I noticed was the ugly molded hydraulics on his shoulders and hips. I decided to build him new shoulders, to directly replace parts B15 and B34. I used some great pictures of Sideshow Replicas' full-size K-2 statue to guide me in...

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