Badd Azz Pegasus


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Here's some pics of the parts of the new Badd Azz Peggy kit. This thing is INSANELY beautiful!!!

The level of detail and casting is gorgeous and spot on. The panel lines are crisp and exactly match the CGI model in every way. Check out the wording on some of the parts so you know exactly where things are going.

The proportions are of course perfect too, and love that raised "Pegasus" on the landing bays.

Hoping to get this thing going into primer and construction this weekend. But, if you like new Galactica, and especially the peggy, this is the kit to get. It's 1/4105 scale, comes out to 20" long!!!

You can get the kit through jt-graphics website, distributor for Bad Azz.



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A very beautiful kit!:thumbsup
I have seen this in the Starship Modeler Forum. I love its detail arrangements and clear scribelines on the surface. As a Pagasus kit, it seems by far to be the most delicate one in my opinion.
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