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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by GeneralFROSTY, Jan 28, 2012.

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    I feel a good score can sometimes make or break a movie.
    Non-score fans will not immediately pick up on music but would certainly notice it if it were poor or not there at all.
    Great music is like another character in the story.
    Sometimes we get a movie that is not very good - be it directing, acting, story, script, etc...
    But what about those 'bad' movies that actually has a really good score?

    The first movie that pops into my mind is "The Phantom Menace".
    People always talk about how much they loath this movie but I seldom hear anyone mention how well John Williams pulled together a gorgeous score for the film. It is actually one of the few really good things about this movie.

    What other movies do you feel missed the mark in all areas except the music?
  2. Vermithrax 4

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    First one that occurs to me is "Raise the Titanic". The film is quite ridiculous (and the novel is even worse) but John Barry's score is wonderful and the main theme has so much heart and grandeur in it. Another aspect that stands out in this film is it's amazing model work. The shots of the Titanic's bow breaking the surface and the ship rising up out of the depths is some of the mose impressive miniature work I've ever seen.
  3. Shadow345

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    Pirates of The Caribbean - At World's End

    Ambivalent feelings with the movie but I have the score at home and I really like it.
  4. steveo

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    I do not agree with this. TPM is a terrible movie and I think one of Williams least inspiring. Williams' scores usually outshine a not so good movie.

    Look at Jaws 2. That movie isn't particularly that good, but Williams' score for it is even better and more memorable than Jaws. The same goes for The Lost World. Some really great pieces of music for a terrible film.

    The only good piece of music from TPM is Duel of the Fates. To me, the score is more atmospheric background and not the intriguing, lead up to things moments that Williams usually does.

    And don't think I'm saying it cause I'm a prequel hater. I honestly don't think it's that great of a score - I only listened to the Ultimate Edition 2CD version once. Unlike the scores for AOTC and ROTS - I wish there were 2CD versions of these.
  5. PHArchivist

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    Also POTC4 - Blackbeard's Theme is just awesome (as is the ship). But the movie was a bore.

    Dig up the old thread on the rebuilding of the Black Pearl into QAR, and listen to the theme while running through the pictures in the thread.
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  6. GeneralFROSTY


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    Some have also said that "Cutthroat Island" is a terrible movie - but again, a GREAT score for it.
  7. blewis17

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    Yes, to Obi-Wan you must listen...

    Original 1980 Trailer For RAISE THE TITANIC - YouTube

    Great to see Sir Alec at work again!
  8. blewis17

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    Disney's 1979 The Black Hole. Cheesy movie goodness, but a great Barry score!
  9. darthgordon

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    Star Trek Nemesis, Star Trek V... both done by Jerry Goldsmith. He was in fact, so upset at how bad Star Trek V was that he refused to score Star Trek VI.
  10. ed209

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    Tree of Life.

    Beautifully filmed and very moving soundtrack, but just the most senseless film I've ever seen.
  11. Risu

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    Prince of Persia. It had other good qualities as well, but was still a bad movie.
  12. Hardcore

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    Just small differences between the Gladiator. I feel its a copy...:thumbsdown
  13. MFP 2020

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    Battle Beyond the Stars. It's one of my favorite soundtracks, but it annoys me that I've heard some variation of it in nearly every James Horner-scored movie since.

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