Avpfan7662 Custom Cannon Contest Entry....done!


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Well i cant resist a creative contest...Ive always wanted to design a new cannon, so I think Im going to use the EXILE's secondary cannon......A very unique difference from all other caster....but I share that on my final pic.....

Started on 5/15 and heres what I have so far....and more to come....

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Well the build is complete....I wanted to make a Plasma Caster that set's itself apart from the other one's. Its
similar to the one's in the movies and keeps in the Predator style, but I made a very unique feature to my
version. I've always wanted to see a sniperrifle type canon so I designed the Predator "long range caster".

The caster is completly made of spare parts laying around my studio, exept for the pipes I bought for $10.00
at ace hardware. I didn't use any clay what so ever in this build because I wanted it to look as realaistic as
possible when it came to painting. After painted I added some little skulls and cloth to give it some
personalization from the Predator who arms it. Also the caster sits on one of my custom made base's when not
in use.....Hope you all like this version, and best of luck to all the rest!!!!!


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