Artsabers Issues: Help with non working Proffie Lightsaber

I just went ahead an loaded everything back and assigned the new font to 2 other green bladed exiting fonts (3 in total) and switched music files and the into font. It should be good enough to make me happy.

I really appreciate everyone's help on this. It been a tough 4 months. Oddly enough, it hasn't driven me away from neopixel blades but I do think next time I am going with the technology you can program on a phone app.
I was very hesitant on using proffieboards at first but once you take a few hours to figure it out, it’s really pretty easy.

Glad you’re liking it.
So what’s the deal with the pommel? Does it fit as is? Does he still sell them? Link?
Here’s the link for the pommels:

Halliwax has a video on how they work and such, be sure to check that out too.

I'm not sure if anyone have already mentioned this before in this thread, but for bladestyles, I have always been using fett's blade style library. He have tonnes of compilation and customization including accent sequence (lukke green red arrow included).

He does have beta OS7 on library as well. His sites would help you a lot in customization.

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