Arkham Style Suit FINISHED---first suit up, PG 2!

Re: Arkham Style Suit WIP

As always, I love your work, and you know I love the AA stuff.
You're going to be so ready for the Arkham City release.
Re: Arkham Style Suit WIP

Thanks guys!

Brin, your Arkham suit was one of the inspirations for me doing one, so I appreciate that!

Haven't had time to get to those boots, but I did manage to finish the belt:



It's just a black web belt with pouches that I gave a light coat of gold---the buckle is painted foamies, attached with velcro. Spraying the gold over the black kind of pushed them toward a bronze look I really like.
Re: Arkham Style Suit WIP

Thanks guys! I did finally get to the boot armor, so it's all done! I've been working on some other stuff, so I haven't had time to suit up and get my wife to snap a few pix. Soon, I hope!

No Paul, I'm going to leave it all black, for a couple of reasons. One, I like it that way, and I think there'll be enough texture variety to keep it from looking like a solid black mass. And two, black is better at hiding a few extra pounds!:lol
Re: Arkham Style Suit FINISHED---first suit up

This thing's been finished for weeks, but I finally suited up and got my wife to take a few pix. Unfortunately, our camera seems to not want to work half the time, so she had to use my phone. Not as clear as I'd like, but they turned out pretty good.

And now for the finished suit:




Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it. Just wish it was more comfortable---this Halloween will likely be the last time I wear a rubber chest. Which means I need to get in better shape if I ever want to wear spandex!
Thanks! Hey, I'm a proud member of the SGB (Society of Goateed Batmen)!:D I do plan to take it down to a stubble for the party---I like that look!
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