Arkham Style Suit FINISHED---first suit up, PG 2!


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I've been working on this off and on for awhile, once I decided I want to modify my suit in an Arkham style. Not going for screen accurate, it's more my interpretation. It's still very much a work in progress, but it's at a point where I'm ready to start showing it.

I'm using my Neal Adams cowl, with one of Bob Kieffer's great capes:


Then I took my Hell's Kitchen 89 chest, and did a little modification to it:

I used drawer liner, screen spline, coated in latex and Plasti-Dip, topped with a new urethane bat:



For the gloves/gauntlets, I started with a pair of Home Depot gloves, and added urethane knuckles and ribs:

Made a new pair of latex gauntlets with urethane comic fins:

Then using yoga mat, foamies, straps and velcro, coated in latex and Plasti-Dip, I made a pair of gauntlets:


And all together:

For the boots, I'm starting with my Gotham 100s. I'm still working on the armor for them, but they'll be made very much like the gauntlets, only with buckles on the straps.

Already have some black briefs, and I'm getting some UA type black compression pants. I also have a black canvas web belt, for which I plan to make an Arkham style buckle.

I'll post pix of the boot armor as soon as it's done. And of course, as soon as the whole suit is done, I'll suit up for some pix.
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Re: Arkham Style Suit WIP

The chest turned out great!

That cowl looks awesome, always been real jealous of Batman builds!
Re: Arkham Style Suit WIP

I'm in the middle of replaying it - that chest piece is brilliant and looks perfect!!
Re: Arkham Style Suit WIP

Thanks guys, I appreciate that! The drawer liner was kind of dumb luck---I was trying to figure out how to 'Arkham-ize' my chest armor and happened to see the liner buried under some stuff. A little testing to prove it would work, and then it was just a matter of gluing it to the armor.
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Re: Arkham Style Suit WIP

Tom great work man. I'll take one. Hahah jk. Can't wait to see it finished and what it looks like on you. Great work bro
Re: Arkham Style Suit WIP

Tom great work man. I'll take one. Hahah jk. Can't wait to see it finished and what it looks like on you. Great work bro

:lol Sorry, except for the cowl, comic gaunts and the chest bat, everything else is one of a kind!

Anyway, thanks for the compliments everybody! Although I've tried on everything individually, I haven't put it all on at once. So right now, I can only imagine what it will look like all together. I should be able to get the boot armor done by next week, so it won't be much longer . . . :D
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