Ben Affleck Batman Costume is done.


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April has been a big month for Affleck suits. I debuted by finished DareDevil costume at Wondercon, and I just did an amazing photo shoot with my MattFleck suit! For reference, I'm six food three.

Muscles, chest emblem, belt and overall assembly by Reevesfx
Cape, printed fabric and outersuit by Robertos Workshop
Cowl, gauntlets, wraps and gloves by GC5FX
Boots by UD Replicas
Eye makeup by MAC. :D

That is so cool ! This concept really ‘suits’ you ^_^
Sidenote: in photo #3 you very much look like Keaton (sorry to ruin the BatFleck vibe).
Photo #4 reminded me a bit of John Wesley Shipp as The Flash in the ‘90s.
Very cool ! Thank you for sharing your photos, as this is one of my favorite suits
Thank you for all the kind words, gents. Really appreciate it.

I wore the suit again the other day for Free Comic Book Day at my local comic book shop. Was in the suit for about five hours. Definitely discovered some tweaks that need to be made but overall it's not that bad. I've worn WAY more uncomfortable costumes. Weather permitting, I will take it to SDCC but most likely the next time I get use out of this suit will be LACC towards the end of the year.

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